Amnesia Forever - Full Video from Amnesia Skateshop on Vimeo.

AMNESIA FOREVER – Bulgarian Full Movie

Today is a good day to take a look outside our small little scene. We got the link to this full movie from Bulgaria mailed, and hell yeah is this good. I know little things about the Bulgarian skate scene, the Warriors were on tour once, Marc Klein is often there, Petya and Ivo are pushing the scene hard! So it’s always refreshing to see a movie like this, and oh yeah, they have crazy spots in here!

Starring: Lazar Georgiev, Shirko Hristov, Martin Dechev, Dimitar Korkov, Viktor Yordanov, family members and friends
Filming: Ivaylo Donchev & Martin Dechev
Edit: Ivaylo Donchev

Enjoy! And big greetings to Bulgaria!

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