the true paradises are the paradises we lost.

From 2011 until 2014, Zurich had one of the finest concrete indoor Pools ever, The Beauty. Located in the Autonomous Beauty Salon, The Beauty was home to endless nights of pure skateboarding, Grind Core and cheap Beer.

Serge Bertschy now edited all the footage in one hell of a 14 minute clip. Meet all the Zurich DIY Locals behind The Beast, The Beauty and their brand new project, The Cutie. And many, many, yes many friends!

Take your time and enjoy, what never will be again. Beauty, we will miss you. Forever.

The Soundtrack is by The Liberty Valentines, Überyou and King Zebra, Bands that always played for free at Soli-for-Concrete Parties. A heartful thank you.


If you are interested in the full story of the Beauty, you should check this post too:

27 Dezember of 2014 by


Gewinnspiel Gewinner! Enjoi & Hesh Railz

Kilian Zehnder


Kilian Zehnder rolls through Zurich!

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