Color SB presents THE ANATOMY: Outro

Color Skateboards presents their first full-length movie THE ANATOMY. Edited by Biffiger Silvan.

Here is the outro of the video! Some leftovers, funny moments, slams or just some random stuff! This is the last part of our movie THE ANATOMY! Have a look at all the other parts: Intro, Biffiger Silvan, Millius Lars, Mael Chastonay, Friends-Section, Köstinger Rene, Millius Alain and Venetz Franz-Josef!

Check the homepage, like their fan-page or follow them on instagram @color_sb if you want to stay up-to-date!

We filmed this video in the last 1.5 years in the whole switzerland and all over europe: berlin, barcelona, alicante, murcia, lyon.

There are full-parts of Silvan Biffiger, Lars Millius, Mael Chastonay, Rene Köstinger, Alain Millius, Franz-Josef Venetz and a big friends-part!

Stay color and we hope you enjoy the video! A new video will come in 2015!

Here you can Watch the entire Movie The Anatomy

03 September of 2014 by


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