„I’m The Mountain“ – An Immersive Skate Spot

“I’m The Mountain” is an immersive artwork by Nicolas Buechi featuring a mountain-shaped sculpture and immersive audio track at the exhibition “The Literariness Of Surfaces” in Zurich, Switzerland. What is the sound of it? The artwork tries to explore this question by acting as a ramp for skateboarders during the art performance. The audience could capture the immersive sound of the skateboards rolling around them, and at the same time listen to the audio track of a thunderstorm playing through the AMBEO Smart Headsets they were handed out, thanks to Transparent Hearing. In the perception of the audience, the sounds of the thunderstorm and the noise of the skateboarders are combined and form one immersive audio experience.
Created by Nicolas Buechi @septemberwheels
Curated by and Photography by Alan Maag @maagmann at @theoff.space in Zurich
Performance video by Moris Freiburghaus @morisfreiburghaus
Supported by Sennheiser @sennheiser
Text: Nicholas Büchi

20 November of 2019 by


Freakend at Portland


Team Trouble 2019

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