Lords of Bad Ramps – FULL MOVIE

Our next issue will be a Roadtrip Issue. Maybe you heard about that! And we have a Travel Tipp for the Basque Country, or Euskadi as it is called in its own Language.

Euskadi has an awesome Skate and DIY Scene. Pablo Ribera is making movies about the scene around San Sebastian/Donostia form some time now. And he just finished a wonderful new full movie, called „Lords of Bad Ramps“. The center of this is Malas Rampas, (Bad Ramps).

Hector Heredia, Aitor Bengoetxea, Javier Saavedra, Julen Martin, Jairo Garcia, Pepe Nuñez, Enrique Santibañez, Julen Mercader, Asier Aramendi, Alvar Gutierrez, Enrique Barrio, Ion Dacosta, Alain Kortabitarte, Ibon Achutegui, Xabier Murua, Rana, Oscar Blanco, Javier Ben Hamed, Pablo Ribera, Erika Caballero, Sunny Breger, Jorge Urme, Ander Arraras, Alfonso Gutman, Cristian Cortizo, Eñaut Oyarbide, Mikel Muguerza, Aymar Nieto, Mikel Tudanca, Jon Ander Lara, Alex Mosterin, Enrique Giles, Ruben Martinez, Makarena Irastorza, Kevin Campbell, Ian Campbell, Kalle Bergling, Pedro Barros, Daniel Cuervo, Alex Halford, Robin Bollain, Rune Glifberg, Cory Juneau, Omar Hassan, Felipe Foguinho, Raven Thersy, Giorgio Zattoni, Sky Siljeg, Dani Leon, Chis Russell, Lawrence Blanchette, Aitor Perez, Jaime Mateu and Diego Doural

So: Watch this awesome Skatemovie right now, then grab our new Issue with the Travel Tipp, and then: START TRAVELLING!

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