Ladies and Gentleman, we are overly proud to present you our 2nd Issue. We just released it yesterday in Geneva, and we will send it as soon as possible to a core skateshop near you. How else can you get the mag? Get an Abo on our website:   YEAH YEAH YEAH!   So what are we showing to you in this print issue? We take a look a little bit further then the homespot. We show you, that BERN DOES EXIST! There is a pretty productive scene, very good people and videos pumping out regularly. Then we hop over the mountains and present you COLOR SKATEBOARDS from the Wallis. We go more to the west and show you the guys of the 242 Skateshop. And even more west to present you the talented filmer MANU MÜLLER!   And apart from that many more stories, drinks and a sextipp. So don’t miss this issue! It’s the best so far!

27 September of 2014 by


20 Jahre!


Bern existiert doch – Bearings & Bumblefuck

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