portlandbasel.ch – Now Online

Yes, you still don’t have no Christmas Gifts! But here is hope and glory! The awesome concrete builders from the Port Land Project in Basel just launched their new website, including a fully stacked merchandise shop. There are the wonderful Port Land Skateboards, also the super duper fancy Zines by Eric Antoine, Sergej Vutuc and Nicolas Büchi, and the „aaaaahhhhh-I-miss-you“-Black-Cross-Bowl-DVD by Alex Pipoz. All money will go directly into concrete. Yihaaa.


Go now, and buy everything. EVERYTHING!

16 Dezember of 2014 by


Go Shred! – Die Mitfahrzentrale für Skater, Surfer und Snowboarder


Gewinnspiel!!! 3 x Enjoi – Oververt

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