Team Trouble 2019

Team Trouble Laax 2019 is in the books and you’ve probably already seen Alex Hallford shutting the whole thing down with his last-second 540 or Sam Beckett hitting the roof of the newly built vert ramp on Instagram. But you’ll find that much much more went down in those three days. Enjoy the upcoming skate photos and impressions captured by Thibault Lenours and Alan Maag. (Click to see the whole photo)

Plus, enjoy this edit of the live stream made by Sean Nguyen, filmed by himself, Skiby Bobaj and Jackson Davis.

15 teams from all over Switzerland and Europe went on the pilgrimage to Laax this year, more than ever before. The best 10 teams from Thursday’s qualification went on to skate the finals on Saturday. Inbetween, Laax witnessed the casual destruction of its newly built vert ramp by dozens of shredders, led by Sam Beckett and Martino. Madness…

Alex Hallford, 540°

In the end, the Lovenskate and Pocket Fluff lads decided to split their pots due to the fact that Sam Beckett got injured during the final run. The Vans Europe Team came in third and held it down for the Swiss teams, finishing fourth. As every year, each day felt like one huge session, so going through these rankings feels a bit weird.

Anyhow, during an absolutely crazy chaotic session on Friday night, Jordan and Sox won the Best Doubles Award and Martino Cattaneo won the Best Grind Award. For reasons that may or may not involve alcohol, nobody remembers exactly who earned how many Swiss Franks out of the Cash for Tricks session. But Sam Beckett obviously crowned the first Vert Session by hitting the roof and knocking on the door for a possible Vert Jam next year. But don’t let that take away your attention from all the other amazing skating that went down:

Jordan FS Stale over Sox


The whole thing keeps getting better and better. The right people are coming back every year, bringing along their friends. The staff organising everything is growing from year to year and they always give their best to make sure things run along smoothly.The crowd gets louder and louder. Alan and Cedi are getting more Bands up there. And the skating just hit the roof this year. (Again. Which roof will it be next year?) Too many things went down. Enjoy our pic selection and follow @teamtroublelaax, @maagmann, @thibaultlenour and @thatnoisemag on Instagram for more.


Thank you Cedi, the Freestyle Academy team, all the filmers and photographers, the whole Rider’s team and everybody else who was involved for another unbelievable skateboarding experience. See you next year!

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